Saturday, May 2, 2015

Selling Stuff and RCC cancer

So I've found a couple of sites where I can add my art work and have it printed on all kinds of stuff.  I'm giving it a shot and will keep adding more pieces of art work to try out.  One of the sites is called and another one is   It's been only a short while since I've opened my shops on both of these sites, I've gotten a lot of views on redbubble but on Artofwhere I haven't figured out yet if there is a way to track my views.  Anyways, it's been awhile since I've written on this blog but so much has been going on it isn't even funny.  My arthritis of the CMC joint in my right hand is being treated with cortisone shots.  After I had the first one I swore I'd never get another one in my hand .... but of course I did.  But, I did go see another hand surgeon the second time around and thank God it didn't hurt as bad afterwards as the first one I had gotten.  I will need surgery down the road but he wants to keep treating it for a year with cortisone shots and wearing my splint at night but during the days as well as long as I can get my work done wearing the stupid thing.  Bone on bone rubbing is not a fun thing to experience so I'm a good girl (most of the time) and do wear the brace/splint.  Now the other reason I haven't had much time and energy to keep up to speed with online shops, making cat toys and working full time is that my dear husband who was diagnosed with kidney cancer back in 2008 and had one of his kidneys and Chucky (his 10 lb kidney tumor) removed is now battling metastasis of Chucky.  So far he's had Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for two tumors in his brain we won't find out for another couple of months if the radiation did his job.  Then today he started on having to take Sutent two weeks on, one week off for the rest of his live which sucks but hopefully this will prolong his life like the doc said.  These meds are like a chemo pill and can create havoc in your body so we're hoping and praying he will be able to handle the side effects.  So, it's been a crazy year so far, all this cancer stuff started happening right before Christmas so needless to say we've been all stressed out but are trying to deal with it all and taking it one day at a time.

Here are the links to the sites I was chatting about have a look and see what you think!  Comments are always welcome.

My PurplePlatypus shop on Redbubble

My PurplePlatypus shop on Artofwhere

And a couple of photo's of some of the items you can purchase on those sites with my artwork on it.

 Design #1

 Design #1

 Design #1

Design #1

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Farmers Market and cmc joint arthritis

Just wanted to share with those of you who have visited me at the Archwood Green Barns Farmers Market in The Plains that I will no longer be at that market.  I've been a vendor at that market for the past 5 years and it's been fun but I'm now moving on to try something different.

My daughter's shop MauveMoose has taken off and since she is leaving for college I will be the one running it for her.  She will still be helping out during school breaks.  I will still have my shop Bits Of Fiber on Etsy so if you are looking for something please have a look here:

I was diagnosed with arthritis of the cmc joint in my right hand so some of the things I've been able to do for years are now almost impossible, crocheting is one of those things.  Down the road I will be able to fix the problem with having surgery but for now wearing a splint and doing less of the things that cause me pain will be the remedy.  At first I was very frustrated when they told me what the issue is but after giving it lots of thought I've come to the conclusion this might be a good thing.  This will force me into trying out different ways to make my artwork.  At work I started using my left hand for painting and at first it sucked but I'm getting better at it every day.  At home I'm focusing on doing more machine sewing and other things that don't hurt my hand.  Being who I am I'm always trying to make the best of what I got and I figure this is a sign it's time for me to turn into a different road ... hopefully a road that will lead me to another fun adventure.